BizSwitch is a switching platform for online transactions including EFT, prepaid electricity and airtime, online ticketing and bill payment...

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About BizSwitch


BizSwitch is a switching platform for online transactions including EFT, prepaid electricity and airtime, online ticketing and bill payment.

iPay (Pty) Ltd

iPay (Pty) Ltd is a South African based software and services company with its head office in Cape Town.


BizSwitch is the leading software switching platform developed, supported and operated by iPay and its partners.


iPay is constantly adding new functionality and implementing compatibility with emerging industry standards.

EFT Payments - Debit and Credit Cards

The platform is designed to communicate seamlessly via ISO 8583 to any finacial acquiring or issuing institution.

This financial switching ability allows payments to be affected by approved credit cards and debit cards.

Prepaid Electricity

The platform facilitates the generation of electricity vouchers for keypad-based prepayment meters supporting both Standard Transfer Specification (STS) meters and a number of proprietary formats.

With simple modification to certain points-of-sale, other transfer methods such as smart cards could also be accommodated.

Prepaid Airtime

Prepaid Airtime is managed via a secure store of centalised stock replenished directly from the network operator.

BizSwitch also has the ability to do direct GSM recharges - a paperless option directly to user's phones.

Bill Payments

Bill payments for any authorised third party can be seamless collected via the platform.

Payments are cross-reference with unique ID numbers, and cash is transferred directly to the relevant reciever.

Bills could be paid at retail outlets, banks, via cellphones and the internet.

ATM Cash Withdrawals

BizSwitch turns any point-of-sale terminal into an ATM.

Cash withdrawals could be made directly from authorised terminals and merchants, negating the need for dedicated ATM machines.

Cash Disbursement

Authorised terminals could act as cash dispensing points for services like micro-loans and pension payments.

Cash is dispensed via unique encrypted vouchers and through merchants with pre-validated accounts and automatically enforced credit limits.

Funds Transfer

Funds could be conveniently transferred from one party to another via a BizSwitch-interlinked network of delivery channels.

Practically this means that customers could use the BizSwitch platform as an alternative money order mechanism.

Bank Settlements

BizSwitch allows the configuration and managements of direct bank account debit orders, as well as general bank-to-bank account settlements.

Bulk SMS Text Delivery

Contained in BizSwitch is a Short Message Service Centre (SMSC) that allows the rapid, cost-effective and in bulk, sending of SMS text messages to mobile phones.

Ticketing and Authorisation

BizSwitch has the ability to be applied for various customised online and offline applications like public transport ticketing and cheque authorisations.

Its seamless interaction with both service providers and financial institutions makes potential applications virtually unlimited.

Integrated Control

Leaving nothing to chance, BizSwitch contains a host of retail management and monitoring tools to smoothly manage aspects like security, user and terminal authentication, credit limits, security deposits, etc.

End-to-End Point-of-Sale Terminals

In order to rapidly set up additional delivery channels, or just to fast track BizSwitch installation, low-cost terminals are available with pre-developed custom application software.

These terminals enable service providers to rapidly expand their service delivery base, and simultaneously establish a new distribution business.